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Manheim Portland Auto Body and Detail takes the safety and health of our staff and clients very seriously. We have, and will continue to follow the guidance of the CDC and local public health officials as we adhere to new COVID-19-inspired operating procedures that strive to restrict personal contact and protect our staff and clients. Our goal is to help you reclaim a balanced life while living in a (post) COVID-19 world. 

Your Vehicle Is Vital To You, And Keeping You On The Street Is Vital To Us.

Manheim Portland Auto Body and Detail has been deemed an essential business as defined by the guidance from the Federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and local orders recognize the essential nature of auto repair. We recognize our duty to ensure that cars – and people’s lives – don’t stop moving forward. We respect our customers’ undeniable need for reliable transportation to get to important doctors’ appointments, shop for groceries, pick-up medication at pharmacies, etc. We also owe it to our staff to push through and move forward as they try to make a living, put food on their tables, pay rent and have a sense of personal safety and financial security.

Maintaining The Health & Safety Of Our Staff And Clients.

Manheim Portland Auto Body has executed a number of protective measures and adjusted our operating processes to mitigate exposure of COVID-19 among staff and clients. A few examples include: mandatory safety training for all full-time and part-time staff, strict social distancing guidelines on the shop floor and in break areas, disinfecting customer vehicles at drop-off and sanitizing every vehicle with disinfectant cleaners before pick-up or delivery, and the use of technology to limit personal contact. We have modified our repair process from start to finish to guard against person-to-person interactions involving our staff and our clients

Before, During And After Every Repair.

  1. Clients are required to wear face coverings inside our offices. Staff will also wear face masks.
  2. We will allow for adequate social distancing between our staff and clients (6 feet) during in-person interactions.
  3. We ask all clients to remove all personal belongings prior to leaving their vehicle with us.
  4. We will clean and disinfect frequently-touched surfaces upon vehicle drop-off, such as the steering wheel, door handle, etc.
  5. We will wear disposable gloves and throw them away after every use.
  6. No more than 1 person will clean the interior of a car at one time. 
  7. We sanitize frequently-touched surfaces with disinfectant cleaners once the vehicle is fully repaired and ready for delivery.

Assisting Our Staff

In support of our loyal staff, Manheim Portland Auto Body and Detail has kept all staff on as full-time employees. We have outlined additional shop work to be done to ensure our staff maintains financial security throughout this pandemic. We continue to exhaust all opportunities to avoid the need to furlough part of our staff. We feel it is our duty to protect our team from the negative financial impact that COVID-19 has had on so many Americans. 


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