Online Repair Authorization Terms and Conditions

The customer hereby certifies that they have the legal right to authorize repairs for the above listed vehicle, either through legal ownership, lease rights, or written authorization from the vehicle’s owner. The customer authorizes Manheim Portland Auto Body and Detail, Inc. to take the steps necessary to perform the repairs listed in this contract, including any necessary on-road vehicle testing.
The customer agrees to pay in full for the services listed on the preliminary estimate and all subsequent supplementals (if any) upon completion of the listed auto repairs prior to picking up their vehicle from Manheim Portland Auto Body and Detail, Inc. The customer should note that during the tear down and repair process additional costs may follow due to, but not limited to, hidden damage, defective parts, and poor previous repair. The customer agrees to pay for all parts, labor, fees, taxes, and other charges incurred during the performance of any repairs authorized by the customer. Manheim Portland Auto Body and Detail, Inc. will provide an invoice upon completion of repairs detailing all fees, and listing a final outstanding balance for payment. Payment must be made in full before the vehicle will be returned to the customer.
The customer acknowledges that any repairs using parts not made by the vehicle’s manufacturer (commonly known as “aftermarket parts”) may lead to the following:
1.      Lease or Finance Violation: Some lease and finance contracts require the purchaser or lessee to make repairs using only original manufacturer parts (“OEM Parts”). Aftermarket parts used in repairs may violate these contracts.
2.      Decrease in Value: Repairs made using aftermarket parts may lead to increased depreciation and lost vehicle value.
3.      Manufacturer Warranty: Some vehicle manufacturers require that all repairs be made using only OEM parts. Use of aftermarket parts may void vehicle warranties.
In recognition of the above risks, Manheim Portland Auto Body and Detail, Inc. shall not use any parts for repairs unless those parts are approved for use by the customer. It is advised that the customer take the above risks into account when choosing parts for necessary repairs.
While the customer has the sole right to choose which parts are used for repairs to the listed vehicle, Manheim Portland Auto Body and Detail, Inc. reserves the right to exercise professional judgement and refuse to make repairs using parts which are deemed inadequate or unsafe.
This contract shall be considered binding upon both parties and their assignees or successors, including subsequent title holders for the vehicle being repaired. This contract represents the entire legal agreement between Manheim Portland Auto Body and Detail, Inc. and the customer. No other promises or arrangements outside of this contract and subsequent repair authorizations shall be considered valid.