Detailing Services

Manheim Portland Auto Body provides unparalleled auto detailing services with the highest quality supplies and products and professionally  trained experts that will breathe new life into your vehicle through interior and exterior cleaning and detailing services. We have a variety of car detail packages to suit your specific needs.

Multiple Package Options to Suit Every Need

We offer 3 detailing packages to fit your vehicle’s specific needs in addition to a variety of a la carte services for targeting those special, hot-ticket areas.  Contact Manheim Auto Body & Detail today or stop by and find out how we can help your vehicle look it’s absolute best.

Headlight Restoration

Are your headlights hazy or discolored? If they are, they can pose a threat to your safety and overall appearance of your vehicle. We can make those old headlights shine like new! 

Wetsand & Buff

Surface scratches? Oxidation? Discoloration?  Those pesky eye sores are no match for our unique wetsand & buff process paired with high-quality waxes and coatings. We keep a huge variety of sandpaper grits on hand to fite each vehicle’s exterior needs. In addtion, we use 3 types of buffers, each used to correct their own set of specific imperfections.

Exterior Special

This package is designed to target vehicles that require special attention to the exterior’s finish. Our Exterior Special includes hand washing your car using premium automotive wax soaps and degreasers. We wipe down all door jambs, trunk and hood area. We then apply a high grade paint sealer followed by a thick coat of premium wax. This 2 stage system will typically last for 6 months, depending on your maintenance routine. We then clean and shine your rims, and apply a solvent-based tire shine.

Interior Special

This package is designed to focus on interiors that require special attention. First we thoroughly de-trash and vacuum the interior and remove any pet hair with a special pumice stone and rubber brush. Next, we move to the cup holders, air conditioning vents, door panels & compartments, dash, steering wheel, and center console area. All leather or upholstered surfaces are scrubbed clean using a unique combination of abrasive materials. Next, we apply a leather conditioner to restore your leather upholstery, keeping it soft and supple. Lastly, we shampoo the carpets and floor mats using high quality upholstery cleaners and pneumatic brushes, finishing with the extraction of the contaminants and soap residue using our industrial-grade extractor sysyem.

Pet Hair Removal

The adventure buddy package for people with pets.

Leather Conditioner

Protect the finish of your leather interior with our Leather Conditioner package, leaving it soft, supple and protected. 

Fabric Protection

Reduce or completely eliminate future staining with our Fabric Protection package


Protect the most used area of your truck with a durable, textured, spray-in bedliner. This package is covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty!


Fight rust and corrosion underneath your car by covering it with a rubberized undercoating material.

Show your vehicle some love! Call us to schedule or for more information.


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